2016 Ford Flex vs 2016 Toyota Highlander

The Ford Flex is a refreshingly unique vehicle in a world of cookie cutter models. The thing that everyone seems to love about this vehicle is that it doesn't fit perfectly into any one category. It has characteristics of a station wagon, minivan, car and crossover. Therefore, drivers who are looking for something completely unique and very versatile have always loved the Ford Flex. This vehicle shares its structure with the Taurus and Explorer and has plenty of space for up to seven passengers and cargo. Ford has made some major improvements to the Flex for the all-new 2016 model year, and it is truly better than ever.

As we stated earlier, there are a lot of cookie cutter vehicles that all look very similar to each other on the market right now. One of those vehicles is Toyota’s Highlander model. We are going to prove the superiority of the Flex to the competition by matching up the new 2016 Ford Flex vs the 2016 Toyota Highlander, continue reading to learn more.

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2016 Ford Flex vs 2016 Toyota Highlander
23 MPG HWY Fuel Economy 25 MPG
287 @ 6500 RPM Horsepower 185 @ 5800 RPM
254 @ 5000 RPM Torque 184 @ 4200 RPM
155.8 cu-ft Passenger Volume 144.9 cu-ft

2016 Ford Flex: Unique and Bold

One of the ways that the new 2016 Ford Flex is clearly able to outclass the 2016 Toyota Highlander is with its overall performance characteristics. The new 2016 Ford Flex is able to make an outstanding 287 horsepower with 254 pound-feet of torque, which is very impressive. The Toyota Highlander is extremely underpowered in comparison. The Highlander is only able to make 185 horsepower with 184 pound-feet of torque. Performance is very important to a lot of drivers in this segment because families use this vehicle to haul cargo or tow boat and camper trailers. Therefore, the extra performance that you get with the Flex can be very helpful in those situations.

The unique style of the Ford Flex is another way that it is far superior to the Toyota Highlander. The Ford Flex literally looks like a giant rolling box and that is exactly what people seem to love about it. There is nothing on the market that looks anything like it, so you can feel completely unique while you are driving it. On the other hand, the 2016 Toyota Highlander looks very similar to all of the other cookie cutter crossovers on the market today. Anyone looking for a stylish and unique vehicle would be wise to not overlook the new 2016 Ford Flex.

2016 Ford Flex Interior
Technology on the 2016 Ford Flex
Black Interior on the 2016 Ford Flex
Blue Exterior on the 2016 Ford Flex

2016 Ford Focus Exterior
2016 Ford Escape Exterior