2016 Ford Edge 2016 Chevy Equinox
245 @ 5500 RPM Horsepower 182 @ 6700 RPM
275 @ 3000 RPM Torque 172 @ 4900 RPM
113.9 cu-ft Passenger Volume 99.7 cu-ft
24 MPG Combined Fuel Economy 26 MPG

2016 Ford Edge vs 2016 Chevy Equinox

2016 Ford Edge Interior

The Ford Edge is a midsize crossover vehicle that has been dominating the segment since 2006 when it was originally unveiled. This vehicle has always been able to outshine the competition because of its wide-array of trims, engines and features. It also offers a long list of next-level technology that really improves your everyday driving experience. Ford took everything that consumers already loved about this vehicle and improved upon it for the recently released 2016 model year. Therefore, the new 2016 Ford Edge has already become one of our top selling models this year here at Mike Castrucci Ford.

The midsize crossover segment is extremely popular because these vehicles are known for offering plenty of interior space for families, while still boasting car-like driving dynamics and great fuel economy. There are no shortage of models that compete against the Edge for market share due to the popularity of this segment. One of the models that challenges the dominance of the Edge every year is Chevy’s Equinox model. The Equinox is arguably the biggest rival to the Edge every year. Therefore, we have decided to match up the new 2016 Ford Edge vs 2016 Chevy Equinox in order to find out which vehicle is best once and for all.

2016 Ford Edge: Spacious and Stylish

Midsize crossover vehicles such as the new 2016 Ford Edge are often purchased by younger families with small children. Therefore, interior space is a huge selling point for the vehicles in this segment. The new 2016 Ford Edge boasts a very spacious interior that has more than enough room for passengers and cargo. The 2016 Ford Edge boasts 113.9 cu-ft of interior volume. That is significantly more than the 2016 Chevy Equinox, which only has 99.77 cu-ft of interior volume. Therefore, if you are looking for a lot of interior space for your family or cargo, the Edge is the way to go.

Another way that the new 2016 Ford Edge is superior to the 2016 Chevy Equinox is with its overall performance characteristics. The 2.0L I-4 intercooled turbo engine is able to produce an outstanding 275 pound-feet of torque with 245 horsepower. That is significantly more than the Equinox, which is only able to make 172 pound-feet of torque with 182 horsepower. Anyone interested in learning more about the new 2016 Ford Edge or in setting up a test drive is encouraged to stop in and visit us here at Mike Castrucci Ford for additional information.

2016 Ford Edge Exterior