Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

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Check engine lightSo you’re driving home after work one day when the unthinkable happens; your check engine light comes on.  One of the most frustrating and confusing things that can happen to you when you are driving is having your check engine light come on.  It comes on without any notice and it usually doesn’t even feel like there is anything wrong with your car.  So what do you do?  It’s a light that doesn’t tell you anything specific and it could mean anything.  Unless your engine is smoking or your car dies on the side of the road you have a sometime to figure out the problem but you shouldn’t take too long.  There are some common causes of a check engine light that aren’t that expensive to fix so keep your fingers crossed.

Listed below are some common causes of a check engine light coming on in your car and what you should do about it.

Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

-A loose or faulty gasoline cap.  If your gas cap is loose it can release vapors and throw off the fuel system.  This should be the first thing you check when your check engine light turns on.  This is by far the easiest to fix; tighten the cap and continue driving.  If that was the problem the check engine light should go off, if not, you may need to get car repair in Cincinnati.

-A faulty oxygen sensor.  An oxygen sensor that isn’t working properly should be replaced so it can properly change your car’s fuel and oxygen mixture.

-A faulty mass airflow sensor.  An airflow sensor usually fails due to an improperly installed air filter.  Replace your air filter at least once a year to prevent it from failing.

Don’t ever ignore the check engine light.  You should schedule an appointment to have your car diagnosed so you can know what’s wrong with it and get it back to working properly.  Mike Castrucci Ford of Milford is the place to go for all of your auto repair and car maintenance service in Cincinnati.

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